Cider (28)
 Wine 75cl (22)
 Wine 37.5cl (24)
 Liqueur (13)
 Miniature Wine (22)
 Miniature Liqueur (15)
 Ginger Beer (3)
 Jam (15)
 Marmalade (11)
 Chutney (13)
 Pickle & Relish (10)
 Curd (3)
 Mustard (32)
 Sauce (11)
 Pate (4)
 Honey (5)
 Beer (7)
 Fudge (3)
 Biscuits & Cakes (19)
 Chocolate (4)
 Oil & Vinegar (15)
 Local Pottery (14)
 Gift Packs (15)
 Miscellaneous (8)
 Coffee (10)
 Cherry Wine 75cl
 Elderberry Wine 75cl
 Mead 75cl
 Strawberry Wine 75cl
 Ginger Beer (Glass Bottle)
 Black Beer & Raisin Wine 75cl
 Elderflower Wine 75cl
 Damson Wine 75cl
 Ginger Wine 75cl
 Mead (Mini)
Godshill Cider - The Cider Making Process

the cider making process

Our traditional cider making process begins in September when the apples are picked from our orchards on the Isle of Wight. Our main orchard, which supplies the bulk of our crop, has a number of carefully selected varieties which give us our distinctive flavour. These are Yarlington Mill, Pig’s Snout, Porter’s Perfection, Somerset Redstreak, Sweet Cleave, Tan Harvey, Taunton Fair Maid, Town Farm no.59, Tremlett’s Bitter & White Alphington. We supplement this with a few other varieties from selected local apple growers, one of which supplies us exclusively with the famous cider apple Kingston Black. The different varieties mature at different times so harvesting continues into October when the late croppers are picked.

In late October, pressing begins. The stored apples are first washed and then milled to produce the ‘pulp’ which is ready for the press. We use the traditional pressing method of building a ‘cheese’ of pulp between wooden frames which are piled on top of each other. The press is then applied and delicious golden apple juice flows into the waiting container. The juice is then pumped to large vessels where the natural process of fermentation begins.

Fermentation takes up to 4 weeks and once finished the new cider is racked off to a maturation vessel where its flavour and character will slowly mature over the next few months.

Our juice and cider is carefully tested for quality and taste at every stage of the process and at the end of maturation, when we are satisfied that it is ready, we blend our ciders to produce the balance and character that distinguishes Godshill cider. Finally, once filtered and bottled, this refreshing drink is ready for you to sample a true taste of the Isle of Wight.



Godshill Cider - Isle of Wight Cider Making Process