Cider (28)
 Wine 75cl (22)
 Wine 37.5cl (24)
 Liqueur (13)
 Miniature Wine (22)
 Miniature Liqueur (15)
 Ginger Beer (3)
 Jam (15)
 Marmalade (11)
 Chutney (13)
 Pickle & Relish (10)
 Curd (3)
 Mustard (32)
 Sauce (11)
 Pate (4)
 Honey (5)
 Beer (7)
 Fudge (3)
 Biscuits & Cakes (19)
 Chocolate (4)
 Oil & Vinegar (15)
 Local Pottery (14)
 Gift Packs (15)
 Miscellaneous (8)
 Coffee (10)
 Cherry Wine 75cl
 Elderberry Wine 75cl
 Mead 75cl
 Strawberry Wine 75cl
 Ginger Beer (Glass Bottle)
 Black Beer & Raisin Wine 75cl
 Elderflower Wine 75cl
 Damson Wine 75cl
 Ginger Wine 75cl
 Mead (Mini)
Godshill Cider - Godshill Village - The Isle of Wight

all about godshill

Godshill village is a very pretty and popular old village with a host of thatched cottages and gift shops and plenty of parking. There are a few gift shops to browse, many tea rooms with inside and outside seating and two pubs.
There are a couple of restaurants, one of which is reputedly haunted and The Model Village and a small Toy Museum.

Godshill church and surrounding famous cottages are high up on the hill, above the village. The best way to get here is to walk as there is very little parking.


Godshill Cider - Isle of Wight